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Counseling employees and defending employers in complex employment litigation matters requires a combination of experience, sound judgment and extensive trial experience.

The Labor & Employment Law attorneys at Dickinson & Gibbons have tried cases in both state and federal courts involving employment disputes, but they realize employers are increasingly turning to arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods to help manage employment litigation risks. We understand employment litigation is expensive and distracting for employers. However, when negotiation comes up short, our clients are comforted by the fact that our employment lawyers have substantial experience trying cases in a wide array of employment law disputes.

Labor & Employment Law Attorneys FloridaThe firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in Federal and State employment litigation including, but not limited to, claims involving Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act, the Florida Civil Rights Act, sex discrimination and harassment, age discrimination, race discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and litigation concerning the enforcement of covenants not to compete, protection of trade secrets and breach of employment contracts.

We help clients protect corporate assets, including trade secrets, key personnel and valuable customer relationships. As the laws protecting employees' rights expand and grow more complex, it is increasingly important to have trusted legal counsel who understands the clients’ business. We counsel companies large and small on the continuous evolution of employment regulations for many different industries.

Our mission is to provide clients with practical, cost-effective, winning solutions to their labor and employment challenges. Our goal is to not only provide the necessary legal counseling and representation, but to also provide clients with the legal knowledge they need going forward to become more effective at spotting issues and addressing them with company procedures to avoid future disputes.

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