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In many cases, the final resolution of a case requires the involvement of an appellate law attorney who can assist with overturning an unfavorable ruling, or in defending and preserving a trial court victory, through the appeals process. Appeals usually follow a final judgment after the conclusion of a trial.

However, in some cases appeals may be pursued in the middle of litigation, prior to trial, when the trial court has made a serious error and remedy cannot be delayed. Appellate law also involves actions seeking extraordinary writs, such writs of mandamus, prohibition, or quo warranto, highly unusual remedies which can only be sought through an appellate court.

Appellate Law Attorneys FloridaThe process of filing or defending an appeal is complex and challenging, and is governed by strict rules. Effective appellate advocacy requires a thorough understanding of both appellate law and the underlying substantive law at issue in the case, thorough experience, legal research, meticulous legal writing, and effective oral argument.

Our appellate team is led by partner, Jesse R. Butler, who is Board Certified by the Florida Bar In Appellate Practice. Our appellate law attorneys are experienced at assisting our clients through the critical appeals process, and closely monitor developments in both federal and state appellate courts to evaluate how those decisions may affect our clients. Our appellate attorneys work closely with the firm's trial lawyers to assist with crucial motions, evidentiary issues, and trial support. Our appellate attorneys also regularly assist our clients in post-trial motions, such as motions for new trial, motions for additur or remittitur, and motions for attorneys' fees and costs. The experience of an appellate attorney in post-trial matters can be essential in order to preserve potential errors as a basis of a future appeal.

We are also prepared to represent the interests of our institutional and organizational clients through the filing of amicus curiae briefs in cases pending in Florida appellate courts. Generally, amicus briefs are filed by industries or organizations that have a unique perspective that might assist an appellate court in the disposition of a pending case. In other cases, our clients may wish to be heard when the resolution of an appeal in an unrelated case might have a secondary impact on them.

The appellate law attorneys of Dickinson & Gibbons, P.A. provide appellate representation in all civil, commercial, and family law matters, and are licensed to practice in all State and Federal Appellate Courts throughout Florida. Our appellate attorneys represent clients in all civil matters, including Commercial & Complex Litigation, Construction Litigation, Consumer Law, Health Care, Insurance Coverage, Labor & Employment Law, Legal Malpractice, Marital & Family Law, Mediation & Arbitration, Medical Negligence & Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Negligence, Personal Injury Litigation, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Trucking & Transportation Litigation, Wrongful Death, and other civil and commercial matters.

If you have questions regarding an appeal, please contact Dickinson & Gibbons, P.A. for a free consultation with one of our appellate attorneys.

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