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Experience and Expertise – A Winning Combination

Sarasota Experienced AttorneysDickinson & Gibbons, P.A. is uniquely comprised of experienced litigation and appellate attorneys who are diverse in terms of practice areas and qualifications. Many of our attorneys are board certified by the Florida Supreme Court. Only 1% of all Florida attorneys are board certified in Civil Litigation. Less than 1% of Florida attorneys are board certified in Marital and Family Law. Less than 200 attorneys in Florida are board certified in appellate practice.

Experience and legal expertise are very important aspects of selecting a lawyer to best represent your legal interests. To each case we handle, we bring a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of the multi-faceted issues faced by businesses, insurance carriers and individuals involved in litigation.

Based upon our experience representing clients in a variety of industries and trades, our knowledge and understanding encompasses diverse scientific and medical fields. We are aggressive and resourceful and we have connections to expert witnesses and legal resources to suit your needs. We strive to control litigation expenses and provide cost effective legal representation to our clients. For further information on specific lawyers in our firm, please click on the attorney name.

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