Sarasota Personal Injury Attorneys

The attorneys of Dickinson & Gibbons have more than 150 years of combined legal experience applied to personal injury law and wrongful death cases at the mediation and trial levels. The practice runs the gamut from premises liability to complex product liability and car accident cases in Florida and federal jurisdictions.  Successful participation in nationwide product liability cases involving multiple plaintiffs has become an important aspect of the firm’s practice.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Firm Manages

As experienced catastrophic personal injury attorneys in Florida, our firm represents clients who are victims of negligence in the most serious injury events. The injury scenarios we most often manage include:

  • Motor Vehicle — Auto accidents are the most common cause of accidental injury that we encounter. However, we also regularly handle commercial truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, which usually involve more serious injuries. Often, distracted driving is the cause of rear-end collisions or T-bone crashes at intersections. We have experience determining the cause of vehicle accidents and assembling the evidence necessary to hold a negligent driver accountable.
  • Construction — Work sites are inherently dangerous, so construction accidents occur frequently. Most occupational injuries are covered by workers’ compensation, but a worker may additionally have grounds to sue a third party for negligence, or a passerby may suffer injuries and need capable representation.
  • On the water — Boating accidents occur often, especially when operators indulge in alcohol while on the water. Most accidental drownings are alcohol related.
  • Pedestrian — Unsafe drivers are more than a hazard to other motorists. Our firm represents individuals who are struck at street crossings, especially the elderly and young children who are most vulnerable to pedestrian accidents.

When another’s actions lead to tragedy, we provide the strong legal experience needed to represent your interests.

Types of Personal Injuries Our Sarasota Firm Handles

Florida Personal Injury AttorneysAt Dickinson & Gibbons, we pride ourselves on our ability to obtain full compensation for serious catastrophic accidents.  In many cases, such as debilitating and disfiguring burn injuries or injuries requiring amputation, the depth of the loss is readily apparent, though still hard to quantify in terms of monetary compensation.  In other cases, involving brain and spinal cord injuries, the long-term prognosis may be uncertain; it is difficult to forecast what the true expenses will be, not knowing the level of care our client will need throughout a lifetime.  We also handle cases of painful back injury or disc injury, where diagnostic testing might not reveal the true extent of our client’s suffering and disability.

Finally, in wrongful death accidents, it is impossible to measure the devastating loss of a loved one.  In all the cases we take on, our firm works diligently to obtain the maximum recovery possible given the facts of the case.  Our preeminent standing speaks to our success over many decades of practice.

Obtaining Compensation For Personal Injuries

We strongly believe that those seriously injured in accidents resulting from negligence are entitled to fair compensation for the costs they incur and the pain they endure.  Victims of personal injury can receive compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical costs already incurred
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost income due to missed work time
  • Lost potential for future income
  • Inability to participate in or enjoy certain activities
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Potential for future health conditions that stem from the injury
  • Other long-term physical and/or emotional distress

Consult With a Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney For The Legal Expertise You Need

At Dickinson & Gibbons, we are fully equipped to handle even the most serious personal injury cases. Our Sarasota personal injury attorneys offers free initial consultations. Any further fees are on a contingency basis — meaning you do not pay anything unless we obtain compensation for you. Put our experience to work for you.

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