Commercial And Complex Litigation

Businesses, from Fortune 500 Companies to small town sole proprietorships, face complex legal challenges that often end in disputes and protracted litigation. Complex, protracted litigation can substantially impact a company’s public perception, reputation and financial position. Our commercial and complex litigation attorneys understand the significant risks posed by commercial disputes and litigation.

Sometimes, a business dispute can be resolved early without incurring substantial attorney’s fees and costs that necessarily follow protracted litigation. The experienced commercial and complex litigation attorneys at Dickinson & Gibbons have vast experience in resolving these disputes in a cost effective manner to avoid those sometimes crippling litigation fees and costs. We pursue our clients’ interests aggressively and fully, resulting in the minimal disruption of day-to-day business affairs.

Commercial and complex litigation attorneysWhile we can generally find a cost effective, beneficial solution short of protracted litigation through alternative dispute resolution, at times the only truly beneficial solution is in the courtroom.  The commercial attorneys at Dickinson & Gibbons are not just commercial litigators who fight with pen and paper from their offices; they are real world trial lawyers. When in the client’s best interest, they will aggressively try cases, and they have many positive jury verdicts to prove it. All of the partners at Dickinson & Gibbons are experienced trial lawyers, and those in the commercial and complex litigation group have tried commercial and complex cases to jury verdict.

Our areas of commercial and complex litigation expertise include business disputes, including claims arising out of partnerships, joint ventures, contracts, shareholder disputes and complex fraudulent practices, tortuous interference, sales or service disputes, unfair competition, defamation, copyright and trademark infringement, theft of trade secrets, breach of non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements, RICO violations, breach of fiduciary duty matters and real estate disputes.